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About Biazzo

For over 50 years, the Biazzo brand has used its family name to stand behind its quality cheeses. The Biazzo reputation for fine, authentic Italian Cheese sets it apart from the rest and will continue to do so for generations to come. ​ The Old World is not old-fashioned; it is the way it was meant to be done. Over the past fifty-plus years, the food industry has evolved and embraced many changes that led to increased productivity and profitability; however, these changes did not necessarily improve the quality, taste, and texture of the product. Biazzo embraces select technical advancements but remains committed to our recipes, avoiding the fillers, chemicals, and additives commonly used by other manufacturers. Biazzo values the past and stakes our name on it. The importance of our reputation and the tradition of our old-world cheese making, and values assure our adherence to the "Old World" methods: taking the time and care necessary to ensure the best authentic Italian Ricotta and Mozzarella cheese. ​ Biazzo Dairy Products Inc. was founded by John Biazzo and John Iapichino, Sr. and started producing cheeses in 1964 in a small room behind an Italian Salumeria in New Jersey. Biazzo cheese was produced and sold the same day to local Italian specialty stores. From that moment on, the Biazzo brand stood for high quality, traditional Italian cheese that its customers could depend upon. As the Biazzo name grew, the founders ventured into servicing local supermarket chains with private label production of Italian mozzarella and Ricotta cheese. ​ In 1993, to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for Biazzo products, the family moved its operation to a 110,000 square foot facility in Ridgefield, New Jersey. The company, now woman-owned, included the sons of the founders and was a true family affair as they were ready to grow into the future. ​ Today, Biazzo remains in the Ridgefield facility where we manufacture our premium line of old-world Italian Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses. A capital improvement program is underway that will increase our production capabilities and quality control so that our customers can further enjoy our products for years.

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